How is NANO light and small?

Smart foldable electric vehicles are popular for two key reasons: intelligence and intelligence. But also because of this, developers often can not reduce the body weight significantly. However, MOTINI's invention, which has been described as the lightest and most innovative foldable electric scooter, could change the way we think about smart foldable electric vehicles.

NANO positioning as: both electric vehicle, but also gravity scooter. This folding electric scooter design adhere to the minimalist, the use of aviation high standard magnesium alloy material, greatly reduced the weight of the body, so that the weight of the entire body only 9.9 kg, but this folding electric car maximum weight has reached 100 kg, can resist a body fat user.

NANO's body uses the design of the golden spiral, the whole body aesthetic feeling is full, riding experience is good. The scooter only 9.9 kg , the schoolgirl also can lift it by single-handed, the state after folding becomes small trapezoid by the triangle of traditional folding scooter, the centre of gravity when lifting is more stable fold easily, convenient carry. 

NANO equipped with 18650 lithium battery, embedded in the body, easy to remove, after removing the battery, the body completely dead, on the subway on the plane is not a dream. With a maximum speed of 18km/h, it can travel 10km on a single charge (2.5 hours), and its range can meet the needs of short distance commuting. 

NANO's body built-in charger, go out without fear of no electricity, both at home and abroad.Like most smart scooter, it comes with a phone stand that can support a wide range of phones. The front and rear of the scooter are equipped with LED high-brightness energy-saving lights, and the headlights are automatically sensitive, which makes driving safer and smarter at night.

At present, NANO in the official website, jingdong and taobao and other platforms are available for sale, cost-effective far supermarket surface electric vehicle, so this high appearance level and function innovation folding electric scooter, how can you not love?


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