Which brand is the most popular folding electric vehicle on the market?

When choosing an electric vehicle, more and more people tend to choose a more fashionable, smaller and more convenient mini folding electric scooter. However, the current market of a variety of folding electric vehicles, which is the most cost-effective, the most worthy to buy it? This article deliberately compares the difference between xiaomi electric scooter and NANO for reference.

NANO is owned by Guangdong MOTINI technology co., LTD. Guangdong MOTINI is a new generation of Internet company focusing on the field of portable intelligent travel, integrating design, research and development, production and online direct selling. So, what's so good about the NANO that it's so popular?

Simple appearance design from adhere to the original design concept: lightweight, safe, quality. As a simple and portable folding electric vehicle,NANO is an electric bicycle that "can't find" batteries, mainly "built-in" batteries, so the overall shape of the vehicle is very simple and beautiful.The whole mini process is also very convenient, only 3 steps will be able to folded NANO, stored in the car trunk, office and other places. 

The entire body weighs just 9.9kg and even the girls can easily lift NANO after the folded.In addition, NANO is equipped with a built-in charger, which satisfies a wider user group: the pursuit of a more convenient way to travel without chargers. Therefore, many office workers choose such a lightweight, easily portable folding electric vehicle as a means of transportation, and this choice is also very in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Even if the same type of product is currently popular on the market, NANO is not inferior. Take the electric scooters of xiaomi for example. In comparison, NANO is lighter and more novel and practical. No matter it is a faster and more convenient way to charge, or the auto photosensitive and cool car lamp, it can better meet the actual and psychological needs of urban youth. However, xiaomi electric scooter can be connected to the App for query management. In this respect, MOTINI The Magic Bike instead subtracts the function of electric car, which is more practical on the basis of portability. But, overall, if you're looking for a mini adult scooter, NANO is a good choice.

Maybe in the near future, there will be more folding electric scooters shuttling through the streets, no matter you use it to work, school or pleasure play, NANO enthusiasts are like the elves walking through the city, and become a beautiful scenery line in the city's chaos.


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