Electric vehicle selection strategy: The reason why folding electric electric scooters are so popular with young people is that ...

After the implementation of the new national standard policy, many people will have questions about how to choose electric vehicles/e-bikes. How to travel under the premise of various regulations has become a topic of concern for more young drivers. Indeed, as a huge potential consumer group in the electric vehicle market, the choice of young people may better represent the future development direction of the electric vehicle market. According to the hot sales data of jd 、Tmall and other e-commerce platforms, as well as the changing trend of the styles of products launched by the major electric vehicle manufacturers, it is found that the reason why electric vehicles are favored by young people alone is actually because of these.

One, electric vehicle farewell silly big stupid, portable folding electric vehicle to understand.

I believe that most people seem to the impression of electric vehicles are silly bulky, gaudy appearance, single function, in fact, in recent years the development of electric vehicle market far beyond your imagination, especially light and compact folding electric vehicles and other means of transport, has been more young groups of favor. If you drive a car, you can also fold the electric car into the trunk at any time, and take it up the stairs directly into the elevator, which is very portable.

In addition, compared with the traditional bulky electric vehicles, compact and portable folding electric vehicles are not only more affordable, but also more flexible and convenient. Especially for the new class of "substitute drivers", it is easy to choose a portable, foldable electric vehicle.

Two, simple is true.

A lot of young friend by the electric scooter of multifarious on the market picked a flower eye, so electric car how should choose? Compared with the past, people tend to choose electric vehicles with traditional functions and brands, today's young groups are more inclined to reveal their individuality of fashion and cool + black technology folding electric vehicles. Sometimes simplicity is what we really need.

However, as a means of transportation, folding electric vehicle is still practical after all the most important, the function is tedious, not only time-consuming and laborious but also bother, this time you will need more "return to nature", so simple operation of more practical electric vehicle may be what you really need.

Three, NANO,travel sharp weapon.

As a popular overseas folding electric scooter,NANO in many aspects of the function and appearance are different. Only about 9.9 kg of vehicle weight, seconds kill many folding electric bikes on the market, unique and novel in terms of performance is not lazy, a second configuration option of lithium battery charging, everywhere can support built-in charger, automatic photosensitive cool dazzle light, can be in the car trunk, take on the subway, also high cost performance, for urban fashion young people, is a good choice. With a foldable design and a top speed of 18km/h,NANO e is ideal for the last kilometer of daily driving or subway commuters.

So, if you are also a pursuit of simple, practical and efficient young people, then NANO is the ideal choice, not only high level of appearance and high quality, but also high efficiency, easy to operate, lightweight body even MOE girl can easily control a hand lift it.


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