Electric vehicle charging unexpectedly unprovoked "spontaneous combustion"? So it's safe to use them this way!

When it comes to electric vehicles, we are not unfamiliar, although it is very common, but in daily life if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicles, such as charging the attention, it is easy to cause fire. Every year, there are accidents caused by the wrong way of charging and maintaining electric vehicles. What do you think electric vehicles need to pay attention to? Do you know the maintenance of electric vehicles battery charging, charger, tire, car appearance and so on?

1.Battery charging.

Many people think that the new electric vehicle first charge, the battery to first deep discharge and then charge for a day. But the fact is, the electric vehicle on the market now USES are lead-acid battery or lithium battery, and these two batteries have no memory function, the new electric vehicle after consumption and recharging will cause irreversible damage to the battery.

The right approach: when the battery is less than 50% full, it can be recharged. You can also charge the battery directly according to your actual needs, and you can't wait for the battery to run out.

Note: due to the hot weather in summer, the heat generated during the battery charging process makes the battery surface temperature rise, which will cause certain heat damage to the battery surface protective shell, and the battery will catch fire in serious cases. 

Therefore, when charging electric cars in summer, try to choose to charge them in the shade or at night, and it is forbidden to charge them in the sunlight.

2. Charger.

Many people have the bad habit of taking chargers with them. If the ride is bumpy for a long time, the electrical parts in the chargers will shift or have poor contact, leading to abnormal charging. In serious cases, the battery life will be reduced.

What to do: correct the bad habit of carrying a charger with you. If you must carry a charger, cover it with a soft material to reduce component problems caused by bumps.

Note: when charging, do not put the charger on the seat or in the trunk of the car to charge. Charging in rainy weather, the electric car should be put in the garage or can take shelter from the rain to charge; Do not wrap the charger in plastic sheeting to prevent fire. 

In addition, if you find that the charger is abnormal, do not open the charger at will, be sure to go to the repair shop or contact the after-sales service for repair, if the charger damage can not be used, be sure to match the original charger, may cost more money, but no damage to the battery, overall or cost-effective.

3. Charging cable.

Many people are used to charging the electric vehicle, after the charger wire folded to store. The wire can be folded, but not too much, otherwise it will easily collapse the wire, the next time charging easy to cause a short circuit.

Correct practice: put the charger in a higher place, the charging cable can be down.

4. Braking device.

Electric vehicle brake in the course of the use of frequency is relatively large, is also a very important. Daily in cycling, do not in the high speed of the situation under the emergency brake, this damage to the brake device is relatively large, over time brake pad wear serious, resulting in the brake not working, increasing the risk of driving.

5. Tires.

Electric vehicle tire daily maintenance is also important, as long as the usual attention not to take some bad road, pothole location is good. If the tire wear serious, often lack of air, must be timely replacement.

Note: do not give too much air to the tire in summer, easy to blow the tire; In winter, the tire will have cold shrinkage and lack of air phenomenon, to timely fill the air, to prevent the tire tire pressure drop, resulting in increased tire friction, resulting in excessive consumption of electric vehicles.

6. Avoid excessive load and loss of battery life.

Electric vehicle have a limited load, and if they are often used too heavily, they can wear out the battery excessively, especially when going uphill.

The right thing to do: if you're overweight, use pedals to help add power to the start of an electric car to avoid damaging the battery.

Finally, although the price of electric vehicles is not high, but usually we also need to pay attention to the maintenance, form a good car habit, so as to play its maximum role. In addition, the quality of the car's materials and components is also important.

Although it is a mini folding electric car, NANO is designed with special attention to safety. No matter it is the fireproof and heat-resistant outer protective shell of the battery, the charger inside the body of the car and the anti-damage charging cable, or the smart device for braking power off, the special explosion-proof tire, beating the ordinary electric car completely, making you feel safe and secure when you go out!


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