Do you know these advantages of folding electric vehicles over conventional electric vehicles?

Today's urban office workers, most of the way to commute is by subway or bus, get off the station, to the company still have to walk a distance, it is this long not short distance, may spend more time than the car! And for the car owners, the traffic jam on the road is a headache, where to park is more of a problem, some even have to stop from work one kilometer away from the place!

In order to solve this problem, in recent years, there have been balance cars, scooters in the market, but because of safety problems, but gradually disappeared, and then folding electric vehicles appeared, with light, convenient and easy to operate quickly to the public recognition.Different from balance car and scooter, folding electric vehicles is born out of the traditional electric vehicles with novel and unique functions. So what are the specific advantages?

Lightweight and convenient:

Light weight, easy to carry, can enter the elevator, basically do not cover an area; Can be put into the trunk of the car, when you go out to play, can be opened at any time, easy to use!


In the past, the theft of electric vehicles or car batteries is very common, folding electric vehicles because of light and portable, to a certain extent to achieve security. When we arrive at our destination, whether indoors or upstairs, we can quickly fold and easily carry around, leaving no room for thieves!

Performance safety:

Although the sparrow is small five viscera complete, fold the function of the electric vehicle can also meet the daily travel, in the safety performance, is also to do a lot of "homework". The technology of shock absorption, shock prevention and brake safety is becoming more and more perfect.

In the pursuit of environmental protection and intelligent travel era, lightweight and convenient folding electric vehicles, quickly get the favor of people. As the pioneer and explorer of folding electric vehicle industry, NANO continuously pursues perfection and innovation in light, convenient and safe performance, 9.9kg car weight, anti-seismic magnesium alloy body, detachable battery, built-in charger and other pioneering configurations, which is undoubtedly the innovation leader in folding electric vehicle industry!


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