Electric vehicle riding guide for winter, warm, and safer!

Heavy snow has passed, and even the winter in guangdong has become serious. Even if the sun is warm during the day, it will freeze when I go out in the morning and evening. A lot of electric vehicle users have long placed their vehicles, another people outfitted their electric vehicles with winter travel gear. Anyway, life goes on. So, for your safety, please keep this vehicle guide for winter!

First, keep warm.

Because electric vehicle does't  have windshield, every time you ride it to go out would becomes "teenager chase after wind"unavoidly. When it is cold, cycling reaction will be slow, so keeping warm is one of the most important things to do in winter. 

In order to keep out the wind, many riders would put a "big quilt" around the front of the car, but this is not only a general thermal effect (or will leak air), and a big safety hazard, just think, when the brake windshield caught the tire, the consequences can be imagined...

So, be careful with your windshield and keep warm.

The head, hands and feet are areas that need to be taken care of to avoid frostbite. A windproof helmet, You can count on it. You can add a mask.Thick mittens with separate fingers keep you warm while maintaining flexibility. As for shoes, keep warm and comfortable against the wind. This four-piece set is safe, simple and warm!

PS: keep your neck warm, too, or there will be a leak in the collar... 

Second, battery life.

Low temperatures in winter can cause battery life to plummet. To avoid running out of electricity, it's best to keep the battery warm, too.You can park your car indoors and charge it.

Low temperature environment will seriously affect the charging and discharging of batteries. In the market, many lithium batteries stop charging when the temperature is below 0℃, and the charging efficiency of lead-acid batteries in low temperature environment is also greatly reduced. So, to increase your battery's appetite, it's best to charge it in a warm room.

PS: in addition, if the electric vehicle is not in use, it should also ensure that the battery power is more than half, regularly check the remaining battery power, timely charging, to avoid battery damage.

Three, travel small artifact for you in winter

In fact, winter is not a good season for cycling, especially in the northeast and northwest, where it is especially safe for determined electric vehicle users to drive in a cold environment.

But in the south, a NANO is your winter getaway gadget.

(1) 9.9 kg carry-on.

The car body is quickly folded and lifted with one hand. It can not only enter the subway, elevator and stairs, but also charge at home or office. Perfect!

(2)High activity battery, guaranteed battery life.

Winter battery life inevitably declines, so does the battery of the NANO, but not more than 10%. In addition, charging should also be done in the indoor environment !

(3)Standing is better than sitting

Compared with the seat-less electric scooter, it is more comfortable to ride in winter. With the customized protection of NANO, it is a safety bonus!

(4) special explosion-proof tires, adapt to the southern environment.

The winter in the south of the wet cold, NANO's tires can adapt to such an environment , anti-skid explosion, driving more safe.

Such a winter travel small artifact, with four warm, convenient travel more worry!


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