Why not suggest you squeeze the subway to and from work?

There is a saying: "Crowding the subway saves money, but it is very energy-intensive. When you have no money or time, energy is your greatest wealth."

Indeed, especially those who come to work hard in the city, if it is not to save money, who would spend a lot of time every day to squeeze the subway. In Beishangguang, the daily subway morning rush hour, every train is a crowded scene like canned sardines, crowds crowd, people inside the door squeeze out, people outside the door desperately squeeze in.

Such a scenario is also performed on countless people every day: get up at 6:30, squeeze on the subway during the peak period, step on the point to the company, but feel sluggish, and carry the breakfast breath left on the subway. Along the way, colleagues in the office watched with pitying eyes, and were also hinted by the boss: young people, there is a lot to learn, how to do not work hard? If you want to sleep for a few more minutes a day and don't pack yourself away, how can you improve yourself?

Every day, I am busy commuting to work on the subway, wasting my spare time on such things, even if I love a job again, I can't bear the tired body.

The purpose of crowding the subway is to save money, but often the money is not saved much, but it wastes time and energy. Thinking of dealing with complicated personnel and complicated work during the day, and taking an hour subway or bus after work, I will not only feel relaxed, but also have a sense of despair at work.

Although the subway is the most cost-effective way, it is also the most wasteful way. It is a way of life to squeeze the subway to and from work to save money; finding a place near the company may be more expensive, but saving time and energy is also a way of life; there is really no way to buy a favorite electric Getting to work by car is a way of saving money and time.

People have limited energy, and they can only maintain excellence if they spend their energy where it is most valuable.

Spend more time at your disposal, especially after entering the society, but also give yourself time to breathe away from the crowds and hustle for the time being, feel life in the lively without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle. .


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