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Guangdong Motini Enterprise and Guangdong University of Science & Technology carried out school-enterprise strategic cooperation to create a win-win future together!

On December 18, 2019, Guangdong University of Science & Technology held the 2019 school-enterprise cooperation awarding ceremony and the appointment ceremony of innovation and entrepreneurship mentor. As one of the representative companies, Guangdong Motini Enterprise has become a project cooperation unit of the college. Mr. Ou Peng, the chairman, has also been appointed as an external tutor for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship!

Guangdong Motini Enterprise-shouldering the major mission of university students' innovation and entrepreneurship

The school-enterprise cooperation project aims to deepen the integration of production and education, promote the organic connection between education, talents and industry, and innovation, and realize the sharing of resources between schools and enterprises.

As a practical base of the project, Guangdong Motini Enterprise will focus on cultivating application-oriented talents that are more suitable for market development needs. At the same time, in the exchange of experience, it will absorb the young thinking and innovative models of contemporary college students to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Chairman Ou Peng acts as mentor for innovation and entrepreneurship

Ou Peng, chairman of the Guangdong Motini Enterprise, won the honor of an off-campus tutor for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship in the project.

Regarding this important task, Mr. Ou Peng said: "This school-enterprise cooperation can promote the development of enterprises and take this opportunity to absorb more young ideas. On the other hand, enterprises must also be responsible and responsible for students and be innovative in entrepreneurship. Together in the wave, we can win a brighter future for companies and students! "

Guangdong Motini Enterprise-an innovator in the field of urban intelligent mobility

The school-enterprise cooperation project between Guangdong Motini Enterprise and Guangdong University of Science & Technology is not accidental. Because in the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, Guangdong Motini Enterprise have already taken a big step: adhere to independent research and development and innovation, and obtained 36 technology patents, and also achieved certain results in the domestic and overseas markets.

In the DiD Award International Industrial Design Contest held in Dongguan this month, Guangdong Motini Enterprise won the industrial design bonus award for its foldable electric vehicle product "NANO", which has won countless recognition from the outside world.

As an innovator in the field of urban intelligent technology travel, Guangdong Motini Enterprise will work together to create a win-win future for the students in the experience exchange and collision of thinking among Guangdong University of Science & Technology!


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