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First batch of post-90s: When did you feel you were no longer young?

12 days until 2020

The first batch of post-90s is also approaching 30

From the "broken generation" to

Moving towards middle age

After you 90

Think you are no longer young?

-"Begin to relive childhood dramas with your friends"

-"Continuously staying up late and unable to start"

-"When I went to the company to register for the interview, I saw that the list was full of children in their early twenties."

-"What does Baidu awsl mean"

-"When I'm afraid to go to the medical examination"

-"People around me are getting married one after another, and the circle of friends of the same age is starting to dry baby"

-"When the stars on Hot Search don't know who it is"


Also, it was found that the hairline moved back and forth and the top of the head became thinner.

But some people say,

With the increase of age and experience

Get rid of the saucy of young people

Instead, I know how to cherish

Others say,

Lost a lot

Also got some

I even know what I want

-"At the age of 29, I am desperately renewing myself. From work skills to hobbies, I am more open.

It does n’t matter if you ’re called ‘Uncle’, I just want to judge whether I ’m mature, not age, but mentality. "

-"The bigger, the more remember not to be trapped by life, including your own soul and freedom."

Age may only bring

Physical aging and mental maturity

As good as the status quo

Tigers can sniff roses too

Freedom to go beyond

You have the capital to stay young

"Pursue freedom, do what you want to do," has imprinted on many post-90s generations, even as they get older.

We are still unwilling to stay in the post-90s generation. We remain curious about the world, exquisite and elegant, just like NANO.

In urban free travel, NANO has the same persistence as you, and is unwilling to be the status quo. I believe that I will continue to shine.


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