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Can a folding electric vehicle enter the subway?

In the past, when taking the subway in Guangzhou, many people often saw people carrying folding bicycles or folding electric vehicles into the station. However, it is almost extinct now, because early in 2018, electric vehicles were prohibited from entering the subway. If the sum of the length, width, and height of the item exceeds 1.6 meters, the folding vehicle cannot enter the station. In addition, if it is the peak time of travel, the smaller size of the folding Bicycles are also prohibited from being brought into the station.

Take folding electric vehicles. Although it is allowed to travel on foot, it is also very popular among urban workers, but whether it can be brought into the subway depends on local regulations. There is no uniform national standard for subways in various cities, and electric vehicle users need to first understand the relevant documents of the local Passenger Code and bring small vehicles that meet the requirements to ride.

The following documents (not listed one by one) are attached to the Metro Rail Passenger Code, for reference only:

Beijing: https://www.bjsubway.com/support/ccgd/

Shanghai: http://service.shmetro.com/ckxz/index.htm

Tianjin: http://jtys.tj.gov.cn/Z02-PUB/RecruitmentPage.aspx?HCode=1&ArticleId=8fceadd5-7eb5-4643-8505-b3c61db6da9a

Chongqing: http://www.cqw.cc/news/2019/0301/3821.html

Guangzhou: No

Shenzhen: http://www.szmc.net/ver2/operating/infor/2112/2124

Wuhan: http://www.ruiwen.com/gongwen/shouze/77082.html

Nanjing: http://jtj.nanjing.gov.cn/njsjtysj/201412/t20141219_1059805.html

Chengdu: http://www.chengdurail.com/Uploads/File/2017/10/18/u59e70cc5bb6b0.pdf


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