How long is the best time to charge electric vehicles in winter? This can last longer!

Many electric vehicle users change new batteries in the winter, and want to have longer battery life, but often ignore the correct charging is the more effective way to protect the battery. At present, 90% of the electric bicycles sold and used in the market are lead-acid batteries. As the temperature in winter decreases, the activity of the material components in the battery will decrease, and the storage performance will also deteriorate.

Then, when charging a new battery for the first time in winter, it is sufficient to charge it with the original charger for about one or two hours than usual, and do not charge it for too long, otherwise the battery life will be greatly affected.

It should be noted that the new battery is charged for the first time. Do not deliberately discharge the battery and recharge it. Just look at the power consumption. It is basically best to charge the entire battery when the power is used to 30% to 40% of the remaining power. Don't run out of electricity every time you use it, it's best to charge it when the remaining electricity is about 70%.

If the trip is short, it is recommended: when the daily power consumption is 10%, you can charge it once a week. When the daily power is 20%, it can be recharged once every 3 days. When the daily power is 30%, you can charge it once every 2 days. When the daily power is above 40%, it is best to charge it once a day, and it takes less time to control the charging time.

But if you do n’t ride an electric car for a long time in winter, remember to charge the electric car. It can be recharged about once every half a month, which can ensure that the battery can be used as it is, and it can better maintain the battery!


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