The electric vehicle battery will not be used for a year?See if you charge it like this?

The same is the battery of electric vehicles,many users can use it for at least 2 years, and some do not use it for 1 year. What is the problem?

The main factor affecting battery life is the method of battery charging. A scientific and reasonable charging method can maximize the battery life, otherwise it will end the battery life prematurely. For users who have used the battery for less than one year, they need to improve the charging method early so that the battery can last longer.

1. Charge according to the charging time of the corresponding electric vehicle model. Never charge overnight. Many users save trouble, often charge overnight, and sometimes even forget to disconnect the power, these practices will inevitably cause great harm to the battery. Frequent charging for a long time can easily cause the battery to lose water and cause the battery to swell due to overcharging. If you have been charged for 8 hours but the charger still does not turn on the light, you should also stop charging and bring the charger to a professional car dealer or a repair shop to check whether the charger is faulty. It is likely that you need to replace the new charger.

2. The electric vehicle charger should be used exclusively for special vehicles and cannot be mixed. Many families now have two or more electric vehicles, and different brands, different product models, different battery models, and chargers are naturally different and cannot be shared. The correct approach is to use the charger exclusively for the electric vehicle. Do not mix it, even use a 60V charger to charge a 48V battery, and a 20AH charger to charge a 12AH battery. The mismatch of charging voltage and current will cause damage to the battery.

3. Do not use miscellaneous chargers. The market is flooded with many inferior chargers. Many users don't pay attention to the quality of the chargers, and the map is cheap. They think that the chargers only need to charge the batteries. The electronic devices of non-branded chargers are basically made of inferior materials and are easy to damage. A common problem is that the battery does not turn on when the battery is fully charged. Then the battery will swell. If the electric vehicle charger cannot be used normally, it is recommended to go to a professional after-sales service shop to replace the high-quality brand charger to ensure the charging quality and extend the battery life.

4. Do not charge the battery with a fast charging station. At present, many cities have fast charging stations. Although it can save users trouble, high current charging of fast charging stations can easily cause the battery to gas out and lose water, and the battery will swell faster under long-term use. Many users report that it took only half a year to replace the battery and it was full, and finally realized that it was the consequence of frequent use of fast charging stations.

Whether it is an ordinary electric vehicle or a mini folding electric vehicle (as is the case with a NANO), scientific and reasonable charging has always been one of the methods of electric vehicle maintenance. As an important part of electric vehicles, the battery is well maintained, and the service life of the vehicle will be extended.


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