If the battery life of the electric vehicle is shortened, don't rush to change the battery first! Maybe these problems!

Batteries are the core and key components of electric vehicles. At present, China ’s environmental protection standards stipulate that batteries cannot contain “cadmium”. This has also affected the battery life to a certain extent, and it is not that batteries are becoming more and more ineffective. Because of the absence of "cadmium" in the battery, the harm to the ecological environment and human body is getting smaller and smaller, and the battery has become more and more environmentally friendly!

Now many electric vehicle users once think that the electric vehicle is not far away, they simply think that it is the battery's sake, they need to replace the battery, even after testing and finding that the battery is normal, they will still feel that the battery is a problem. The reason why the electric vehicle is not far away is not necessarily the battery.

First, the charger.

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost of many non-branded charger manufacturers, the poor quality of circuit boards and various internal electronic parts can easily lead to high or low charging voltage. Using such a charger will inevitably affect battery durability and electric vehicle life! Therefore, choose a well-known charger manufacturer.


Due to poor workmanship and inaccurate control board parameters of some car controllers, the high currents and parameter shifts all affect the "control and play" of power, greatly reducing battery life!

Third, there is no power off brake.

Without the power-off brake function, it is very easy to be dangerous. When the brake does not return to its original position during acceleration and speed regulation, it will “bring” with the brakes, causing the entire vehicle components to work fatigue and waste electricity! If the electric vehicle does not lose power due to the constant power of the brakes, it is necessary to quickly improve the power-off brake function, for its own safety considerations, and for the life of the battery!

Fourth, the motor.

At present, some of the motors on the market are refurbished, with large power consumption and low slot full rate. Some motor magnetic steel has rusted, causing insufficient power and wasting electricity. In addition, some motor casings are recycled with recycled aluminum. , Insufficient purity will cause a lot of heating of the motor during operation, and large power loss! Therefore, when buying electric cars, you can't greet cheap electric cars, let alone use brand-name motors.

Fifth, tire pressure.

Electric vehicle air pressure is basically 310-380kpa. If the air pressure is low, the friction will inevitably consume more power! In addition to the air pressure, the tire tread also generates friction, which consumes electricity!

Sixth, overload and exceed the standard.

Many electric vehicles are now overloaded to pull goods. They can pull three hundred pounds and eight hundred pounds, and electric vehicles become "slaves." When the vehicle is overloaded, the entire vehicle components are forced to run at high voltage without current limiting protection. The battery is forced to discharge, which will easily cause the battery internal components to wear out and damage the battery!

In general, electric vehicles are not necessarily far from poor battery quality. The length of the car's battery life is related to the size of the charger, controller, brakes, motor, and tire pressure. (so is NANO as a folding electric vehicle), please find out who has "stolen" the power before repairing and replacing!


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