Do electric vehicle batteries need to be recharged? When is the best time to charge? Many people do this with serious consequences!

Everyone may ride an electric vehicle, but not everyone will know how to properly charge an electric vehicle! Many people think that an electric vehicle must be fully charged for the first time, and some people think that it takes one day to charge for the first time, and some people think that the battery must be used up before it can be charged!

In fact, most of the batteries for electric vehicles on the market today are lead-acid batteries. Unlike other secondary batteries, they do not have a memory function, so they can be charged directly regardless of the battery level, without draining the electricity. So, how should the electric vehicle be charged, when is the best time to charge it, and can it be exhausted and recharged?

How do I charge the battery?

One of the characteristics of lead-acid batteries is to charge more. It is good for the battery to maintain sufficient power. If the battery is recharged again and again after a long time, it will easily lead to insufficient battery power.

In fact, the number of charging times after a battery is completely discharged is generally limited to no more than 400 times. If it is frequently discharged, it will affect the battery life.

The method of charging an electric vehicle is simple. You only need to fully charge the battery every time (but not more than 8 hours). For example, a 48V20Ah battery requires about 5-8 hours in winter and only about 3-7 hours in summer, depending on the power consumption. Do not charge for a long time, it is easy to be dangerous, so the statement of charging for 24 hours is wrong.

When is the best time to charge? Can you run out of electricity?

In general, charging is best when the battery has only 30% -50% of its battery capacity. On the one hand, it can avoid the loss of early capacity of the battery, and it can also prevent the battery from over-discharging.

If you need to carry people and climb frequently, you can charge at 50% of the power; if the electric vehicle is used less often and less than 70% to 70% a week, you can charge it once a week; if the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, in order to avoid batteries "Run the battery", you can charge it once a month to ensure that the battery is sufficient to avoid affecting battery life; if you encounter a situation where there is no power when riding, it is best not to continue to lose power, and you need to charge and then ride (The built-in charger of the NANO is very convenient for charging, and it can be charged where there is a socket).

The correctness of the electric vehicle battery charging method directly affects the battery life. Improper charging will also cause safety risks such as fire.


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