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Designed for responsibility and love
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Guangdong motini technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong motini"), a subsidiary of motini group co., LTD. (Hong Kong), is located in dongguan, the core location of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area.

Guangdong motini inherited the technical blood of motini group, which has nearly ten years of overseas experience in electric vehicle research and development. Besides, Chinese and French technical elites jointly created the motini start-up team and established the brand MOTINI, which is the leading brand for solving the problem of urban last kilometer cycling.

The company has collected outstanding domestic and foreign industry talents, has the avant-garde French industrial technology and innovation strength, and takes the advanced modern enterprise management idea as the background.

In the process of enterprise development, keep pace with urban development, fulfill social responsibility and mission, and devote to casting the brand of riding on the subway and solving the "last kilometer" of urban travel.

Company profiles
Brand · story
Designed for responsibility and love

The opportunities and challenges, fashion and charm of the first big cities in China have always attracted a large number of people to come in. With the rapid development of urban economy and the upgrading of construction, the traffic load has become increasingly serious. From the pleasure of owning a private car to traffic jams and parking difficulties; From the popularity of DIDI to the controversy over price and travel safety; From the outside drifters eager for the city to travel inconvenience and have stopped; From the craze of Shared bikes till it’s almost sticky .. . All show: big cities need a new way to travel, a truly free travel tool.

Actually, in travel, the big cities need to realize the "last kilometer" of commuting, which is also the pain of metropolitan travel. Motini's startup team was set up to find a solution for the last mile of the metropolis. With the original intention of "keeping pace with the urbanization process and working hard to solve the pain points of urban travel", we are determined to build a leading brand to solve the problem of urban cycling in the last kilometer commuting.

To realize this dream of free travel, the French design team, who have designed dassault fighter jets, TGV high-speed trains, Venturi electric racing cars and VOXAN electric motorcycles, joined the Motini. With the responsibility and love for the metropolis and the ultimate pursuit of products, the team develops and manufactures a new generation of travel brand -- MOTINI (motini).

Brand story
Brand · culture
Brand meaning

MOTINI comes from Latin, which means "fashion vitality". In hieroglyphics, it means "mother". Fashion vitality comes from design, and mother symbolizes responsibility and love.

MOTINI aims to create a new way of free and relaxed urban travel with social responsibility and love, and perfect pursuit of design. MOTINI expresses her positive love for life and deep hope for solving the last kilometer of urban travel.

Brand culture
Enterprise · culture
Purpose of the enterprise

Technology, travel and harmony

Enterprise positioning

Focus on the last kilometer of the city extremely smart travel

Enterprise vision

Build a leading brand that can ride on the subway and solve the "last kilometer" of urban travel

Corporate mission

With the urbanization process at the same time, to solve urban travel pain point. Make travel scenery more beautiful!

Core values

People-oriented, only with talent; Pioneering and innovative, keeping lead!

Business philosophy

A. business philosophy: market demand-oriented, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for the enterprise and the society
B. team spirit: responsible and create excellence
C. execution: speed first, perfection second; Thought first, action second; Results first, process second

Enterprise culture
Enterprise · strategy
Enterprise strategic planning objectives
Product SLOGAN

Small enough, light enough, fashionable enough - Motini

Long-term strategic objectives

Creat vehicles can be on the subway, solve the city travel "last kilometer" the market segment of the leading brand

Enterprise strategy
Chief designer · introduction
Nicolas (panda)

When it comes to France, we may only know about romance and luxury, but little is known that most of the world's top industrial design still comes from France, Nicolas (panda) is one of the outstanding industrial designers.


Nicolas, who has designed dassault fighter jets, TGV high-speed trains, nuclear submarines for secret projects, the earliest VENTURI electric car and a VOXAN all-electric motorcycle, came to China in 2017 to join the martini team.


Although OPPO, huawei and even BYD are still receiving job offers of more than 10 million yuan per year since 2017, Nicolas still stands firmly on the position of chief designer of MOTINI and pursues and creates perfectly designed products with his love and responsibility for the society.

Chief designer introduction
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